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We are Onderlingehulp

Onderlingehulp is the leading funeral insurance specialist on our islands. As many as 31,000 people have already chosen funeral insurance from Onderlingehulp. Because they know that we work according to our motto: your final wish is our first priority. Onderlingehulp has been active since 1986 and has offices on Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire.

About us

Why Onderlingehulp?

We provide excellent services where the main focus is you. We relieve you and your loved ones of worries, thanks to a free choice of funeral agency, free coverage when staying abroad, free co-insurance for your children, and a fixed low premium. This is the assurance of Onderlingehulp that you want to provide to your loved ones.

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Onderlingehulp Wish Book

With our Wish book you can record your funeral wishes for your loved ones.

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  • Financially Sound
  • World Coverage
  • Free Choice of Funeral Company

Oswin's tip:

To be insured with us, you need to have an e-mail address, which will enable you to keep track of your insurance with your personal Onderlingehulp account.

Did you know that you can contact Onderlingehulp in various ways? By phone (Aruba 582 4427, Bonaire 717 05291, Curacao 461 7144), WhatsApp (Aruba 5924177, Bonaire 782 7404, Curacao 510 7144), e-mail, Facebook/messenger, Youtube and Instagram!



Did you have to replace your ID? Send us a copy of the new valid ID so we can update our administration. You can even do this through our WhatsApp or e-mail.

No one knows when their day will come, so it’s very important to get funeral insurance in time, so your next of kin will not be burdened by high expenses. The lower your age, the lower your monthly premium!

Can’t come to our office because of work or other obligations? Unable to take out insurance on our website? No problem, one of our sales representatives will gladly visit you on an agreed date and time to give you all the information, and to take out a policy if desired.

Are you already insured with us, and have you welcomed a beautiful baby to the family? Congratulations! You can co-insure your child for free up to age 17 under your existing policy, or give your child its own policy at a low monthly premium.

On our website, through MijnOnderlingehulp, you always have all your policies and balances at your fingertips.

Not sure if you want to get funeral insurance? You can terminate the insurance within 30 days after the start of the policy, at absolutely no charge.

Want to know if your current policy’s capital will be sufficient to cover your funeral? Please contact us!

If you ever move to a new address, move abroad or change your phone number, please let us know as soon as possible. Then we’ll always be able to get in touch with each other when needed.

Another tip

Onderlingehulp provides complete and discrete service. Very good. I’m happy to be insured with Onderlingehulp. My family and I do not have any worries about this.  

Sra. V. Olbina

When my husband passed away and I needed information, Onderlingehulp provided great service.

Sra. M.A. Johnson

I decided to get funeral insurance when I started living on Bonaire in 1995, where I didn’t have any family that would be able to take care of my funeral. I took out insurance at Onderlingehulp Bonaire. When I moved back to Aruba, I moved my insurance with me to Onderlingehulp Aruba. Onderlingehulp is a serious and responsible insurance company.

A. Thiel

The way we were treated at Onderlingehulp was a sublime experience. They were very caring when I reported my mother’s passing. Funeral insurance is not expensive, and very convenient.

Sra. M.Tromp-Manuel

This is a service that you pay for in the hope that you’ll never have to use it. I am a tech buff, so I love that I can use online banking to arrange and mail my monthly payments to Onderlingehulp. I email them to you and receive my statement from you in the final week of the month, or in the first week of the next month. All this without losing time waiting in line; time that I can use to do other things.

M. D. Tromp

Do you have specific questions? Please contact us, we are happy to help you!