How does it work?

What Onderlingehulp is and does

When a person passes away, many things need to be arranged and paid for. For example, a place where everybody can say goodbye, a nice coffin and an advertisement in the newspaper. All of these things will cost at least NAfl/Afl 8,000 – or at least 5,000 usd on Bonaire. That’s a lot of money to pay all at once. At Onderlingehulp, we make sure that the money is ready when somebody passes away, and the funeral and related matters need to be arranged and paid for.

How exactly does it work?

First, you choose how you want the funeral to be and what it will cost. Of course, we will help! With the value meter, for example. Go ahead and fill it out. All of your combined wishes will add up to an amount, a capital. You take out insurance for that amount. Afterwards, you’ll pay a monthly premium. Onderlingehulp holds on to your money with great care and will make sure that there’s enough for the funeral later.

We are here for your loved ones !

Of course, it isn’t all about money: in the event of a passing, Onderlingehulp will be there to support and help the next of kin. Immediately upon reporting the passing, the next of kin will receive a letter of guarantee to arrange all matters related to the funeral, with a funeral agency of their own choice. Afterwards, Onderlingehulp settles the bills with the funeral agency.
The worries of your loved ones are taken care of, up to the amount for which the deceased was insured.

Unexpected situation? Also covered!

Even if not everything is paid for and something unexpected happens early, Onderlingehulp will cover all the expenses anyway. From the moment you take out insurance with us, you will never have to worry about this again.

Want to know more?

We made a very simple value meter to determine how much money a funeral will cost. Feel free to try it out; you will be done in a minute. After filling out the value meter, you can directly enter your age and the desired period, the duration of the policy. You will get an idea of what your monthly premium will be in just a few seconds, no strings attached.

But you can also always call, stop by one of our offices, or send us a message. We are happy to help you. On this page you can find ways to contact us.

I decided to get funeral insurance when I started living on Bonaire in 1995, where I didn’t have any family that would be able to take care of my funeral. I took out insurance at Onderlingehulp Bonaire. When I moved back to Aruba, I moved my insurance with me to Onderlingehulp Aruba. Onderlingehulp is a serious and responsible insurance company.

A. Thiel

I am very grateful for the services and benefits that you provide. Many thanks.

M. Calderon

The way we were treated at Onderlingehulp was a sublime experience. They were very caring when I reported my mother’s passing. Funeral insurance is not expensive, and very convenient.

Sra. M.Tromp-Manuel

Onderlingehulp provides complete and discrete service. Very good. I’m happy to be insured with Onderlingehulp. My family and I do not have any worries about this.  

Sra. V. Olbina

I received excellent assistance when my sister passed away. Funeral insurance is so important.

Sra. Eustatius

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