An insurance to pay all funeral expenses

The one certainty in life is that one day, it will come to an end for all of us. With our funeral insurance, you’re insuring yourself for the expenses of the funeral. This makes funeral insurance a special kind of insurance. Normally, an important element of insurance is that the actual occurrence of the insured event should be uncertain.

Compare it to fire insurance for your home: it is not certain that your house will actually catch fire. With our funeral insurance, only the moment of passing itself is uncertain. In fact, a funeral insurance is the only insurance that always pays out.

A funeral insurance is an insurance to pay all funeral expenses.

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Why Onderlingehulp


Fixed premium

No indexation or interim premium increases. The premium will remain the same throughout the premium period.


For the whole family

Children up to 18 years of age are co-insured for free. In the event of passing, Onderlingehulp pays the funeral costs up to the amount of NAfl/Afl 4,000 or 2,000 usd without any premium being due. The only condition is that the children are registered.


World coverage

In the event of passing abroad, the costs of transport of the deceased to the place of residence are reimbursed up to a maximum of NAfl/Afl 2,000 or 1000 usd. No premium is due for this extra coverage either.

If you want to be buried abroad, you can use the capital of Onderlingehulp’s funeral insurance as well. Onderlingehulp can pay funeral costs anywhere in the world.


Free choice

Our policies give you the freedom to choose between a burial or cremation, and you also have free choice of funeral agencies.


Trial policy

Are you – for whatever reason – not satisfied with the policy that has been provided to you? You can return/cancel it within 30 days after receipt. Free of charge, no explanation owed.


Fully insured in the first year

In the event of your passing in the first year as a result of an accident, the full capital will be paid out.


Upgrading is always possible

Do you feel your basic capital is insufficient after all? You can increase your capital with an upgrade policy to have your funeral better match your wishes.

I decided to get funeral insurance when I started living on Bonaire in 1995, where I didn’t have any family that would be able to take care of my funeral. I took out insurance at Onderlingehulp Bonaire. When I moved back to Aruba, I moved my insurance with me to Onderlingehulp Aruba. Onderlingehulp is a serious and responsible insurance company.

A. Thiel

Onderlingehulp is very experienced and knows how the process should go. I have received great assistance. Sublime.

Sra. R.B. Martijn

I am very grateful for the services and benefits that you provide. Many thanks.

M. Calderon

When my husband passed away and I needed information, Onderlingehulp provided great service.

Sra. M.A. Johnson

This is a service that you pay for in the hope that you’ll never have to use it. I am a tech buff, so I love that I can use online banking to arrange and mail my monthly payments to Onderlingehulp. I email them to you and receive my statement from you in the final week of the month, or in the first week of the next month. All this without losing time waiting in line; time that I can use to do other things.

M. D. Tromp

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